Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bob died in Holy Week

The call in Saturday morning, just as I was finishing up the final draft for Palm Sunday's sermon. The caller asked for a former pastor. I gave him the number and went back to work. In about an hour, the phone rang again, it was a woman. She explained that the former pastor was unavailable and could I help. "With what?" I asked. She told me her husband just died that morning and they had no other church contact...could I help them? What could I say?
They came in within the hour full of eloquent and raw grief. Bob died after a long bout with cancer. He was a hero's hero, a man's man.

Bob was a long-haul 747 United pilot of many years. He was at the peak of his seniority on Sept 11. He saw it all. So we planned a memorial to Bob. Incovenient time for me? Yeah. But talk about a wonderful reminder of what Holy Week is all about....there is hope.
Between staff meetings and email about room decorations and set-ups, purchasing of supplies and all the myriad of details that choke the life out of church staff during Holy Week, Bob's funeral set me back on track. His family's gift of allowing me in reminded me to be about important things....not the mosquitoes!
Grace and Peace to the memory of Bob, God's friend.


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