Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hanging Out with Isaac

Isaac flew in to spend Easter with us. This time he flew from Minneapolis to Los Angeles and rented this huge Jeep Commander (or Commandeerer or may Grand Inquisitor). Anyway, he loved driving from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, getting in around 2 am Friday. We picked up a good family friend from Muskegon, Michigan on Friday afternoon and enjoyed a late dinner all together Friday night after the Good Friday service. Today Isaac drove the big "C" car and we did some shopping together and just hanging out while Martha and Phyllis were busy baking all sorts of great stuff for tomorrow.

But Isaac is a water-baby. He's always been the first in the water and the last out. He brought along his suit and said he was going swimming. When I told him that the water was just barely 60 degrees, he said "So? It's better than Lake Superior!" and in he went. I sat on the shore with my cup of coffee and camera as he body-surfed for over an hour. Then we just stood together in the late afternoon sun as he let the sun dry him off and we talked about stuff, just stuff, some random, some important. We did things together you can't plan, but do as you hang out.
I think I discovered in my quick visit to my parents last week in Minneapolis, that they just wanted me to hang out with them. Nothing special, just breathe the same air and let conversations ramble, sprinkled with smiles and even tears. Email and phone calls are great, but hanging out does it.


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