Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mens' Manly Weekend

Hume Lake Christian Camp is a non-denominational cmap located in the Sierra Madre Mountains about 5 hours from Santa Barbara. I was invited to join a guy from our church with his son, 2 grandsons, and another man and his son for a Men's Fishing Weekend. This is not something I normally do; gather with camo-greared men with 4-wheel drives for a fishing derby. But I love the man who invited me and knew this was the right thing to do.
The camp is located about 5,000 feet in the mountains surrounded by tall Sequoia trees. The boys who accompanied us could not think of anything in the world more exciting than fishing with their dads, grandpa and even pastor. I actually caught one fish; a small trout they assured me was just within limits. I think it was just about reaching fish adolescence when I took its life.

The food was totally manly...read meat, gravy, fried and grilled foods, lots of deserts, and killer breakfasts!
The guys would sit around and lie about exploits; how many fish they caught, how many deer they killed, how many horse-power their boat at home was,etc. None of us shaved and some wore baseball hats everywhere. Our gathering activities were manly too; how much pain you could endure or how long you could hold a squatting position.
But last night, the speaker within the first 10 minutes of his talk, gave a call for men who did not know Jesus and would like to to stand right where they were. He made the call clear and straight, no emotional stories or pitches. This is what faith in Jesus is, if you want it, stand up now. And about 15 did in the audience of 400. He asked the men standing if they knew of a real Christian in the audience with them. All of them did, from church friends to grandpas. He then invited those men to take these standing men outside and pray with them. Friends praying for friends. I saw some of these manly men, who I discounted as just guys who came to fish, stand up in a hurry to rush outside to pray with their friends who came with them. These were manly men who really loved their friends and would do anything for them to know Jesus...and they did.

We skipped morning chapel and went to a giant sequoia forest where "General Grant" tree was: 1,700 years old and 40 feet in diameter. There we gathered for Psalms, prayer and worship...just us men.


At 5:10 AM , Blogger kent said...

I have spent more than one summer week up at Hume Lake. It is a special spot. I am glad you didn't hurt yourself. Nice weekend


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