Saturday, April 14, 2007

Off the Road....On the Road

Being on the road the last two days was so helpful to catch the essence of the text for this Sunday, Luke 24: 13-35. 36 hours of travel in airplanes, trains and busses does something to sensitize a pastor to roadies, to those who live out of suitcases and hotel rooms. It is gruelling and monotonous, hence the ipod buds poking out of so many ears on dazed and blank faces. Draw no attention, keep moving, hope you are not delayed.

The road to Emmaus was probably not the romantic and idyllic road of religious art work, filled with puffy clouds and leafy trees. It was probably a well-worn doney path, dusty and dirty, used for generations by merchants and travelers, and now by disapointed disciples. It's not so much the road that matter, but who we meet on the road. And the roads are no longer limited to geographical roads, they can be relational roads, career roads, health roads, financial roads, and spiritual roads. Who is meeting you? Who asks you what you are talking about? Who opens Scripture and explains it to you? When did your heart last burn in recognition?


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