Thursday, April 12, 2007

On the Road...Emmaus?

The text for Sunday is Luke 24, the story of the two guys on the road to Emmaus. The romatic oil painting is familiar to most of us. But I chose to look at what it means to be "on the road." On the road is a traveler's designation. "I'm on the road this week." is familiar to all of us. What about the other "roads" we travel? Long commutes, obligations to organizations, foot traffic, recreational travel? All these are "road" places.
Then I headed to the airport for a routine trip to Chicago via Las Vegas at 2pm. Too much wind. Planes couldn't land. We were all rescheduled on different flights in an interminably long line. Now I'm still on the road here in beautiful Santa Barbara and have not even left the airport. What do you do when you are on the road? You think, reflect, observe, snooze, write down thoughts, blog, watch birds fly into the terminal, listen to your ipod, read books and magazines, maybe over-hear conversations, talk on your cell phone, and sometimes, just sometimes, engage in a conversation.
I wonder where Jesus is in this terminal as I'm on the road waiting? My heart is not burning...yet.


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