Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Power of Waves

Whenever our son Isaac visits, he insists on swimming, every day, regardless of the weather. That was fine in the early Fall and even December. But when the currents changed and the water got cold, I stopped swimming. So when Isaac visited over Easter, he went swimming. I got smart and borrowed a wet-suit and joined him this afternoon at a surfer beach called Mir Mar. The sky was steely grey and the water was cold, even through a wet suit (Isaac did not wear a wet-suit, just swimming trunks).
We got out into the water and the waves were breaking in sets of three and four, with a dozen or so small waves in between. As we body surfed, the waves got bigger and began tumbling me head over heals.
Those waves carry some serious power. After a while, I felt pretty tumbled, with much looser joints than when i entered the water. The waves did something to me. And so does worship. Today worship had a tumbling quality about it. It kind of took on a momentum of its own, at least among those of us who led it. Maybe it's a good practice to go body surfing after worship, to let my body get caught up with my spirit, tumbled in the power of God.


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