Thursday, May 10, 2007

Are Mormons Christian?

I'm watching Larry King discuss with Marie Osmond whether or not Al Sharpton's comment about Mitt Romney is biggoted or not? Rev. Al Sharpton commented that all those who believe in the real God will know NOT to vote for Mitt Romney, a committed Mormon. When Larry King asked Marie Osmond whether that was a biggoted comment or not, Marie noted that Larry's current wife is a Mormon and then said "Mormon is not the name, it is called the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. What could be more Christian than that?"
I love it when Larry King and Marie Osmond do theology on national TV. Is Mormonism part of orthodox christianity or and expression heterodoxy....read heretical? I do not believe thinking christians can call Mormons (LDS) believers fellow believers like Lutherans can call Roman Catholics fellow believers. LDS is fundamentally different from the different communions within historic christianity.
The dilemma is that to say so, is tantamount to saying one is bigotted...and that's bad! Do LDS believers have a constitutional right to practice their faith in the USA? Yes, totally! Can LDS beleivers call themselves christian? Yes, totally! Do I have to agree with them? No. In the words of Dr. Richard Mouw, I can practice "convicted civility" and respectfully disagree with their assertion to being part of the christian community, yet stand up for their rights to practice their faith, though I believe it to be in error. I can lovingly disagree with them.
I wonder if Christianity Today, Christian Century will speak up?


At 3:41 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Mormons are Christians, than Christians are Jews. After all, we practice Judaism with this little added twist regarding salvation. What's the big deal? Mormons added a bit to the Bible, and took a few steps in a different approach to salvation, what's the big deal?

Well, it is a big deal, and allowing them to get away with calling themselves Christian is miles away from agreeing they have a right to practice their faith in the USA. I do not have a "right" to open up my own Roman Catholic church, and I don't become Episcopalian by posting a placard stating I am one. "But 'Jesus Christ' is in their name" is the lamest reason (albeit a popular one) to consider them Christians.

At 5:43 AM , Blogger Rick said...

Here's the great irony: in the founding testimony of prophet Joseph Smith, we learn that God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him and instructed him to "join none of the Christian churches because they were all wrong"; "all their creeds were an abomination in his sight"; they "were all corrupt"; and "forbade me to join with any of them".

So, why do modern LDS believers wish now to associate themselves as a full member of the club? The answer is fairly simple, it seems to me: marketing.

The second irony is how Mormons object to being considered "beyond the pale" yet as far as I can tell, still believe that their approach is the only one that is right. THey are certainly not proclaiming that salvation is found in any of the historic CHristian traditions of faith.

If they really want a place at the table, it seems like they could start by saying "Joseph was wrong about what he wrote; all other churches are not corrupt; all of the historic creeds are not an abomination." THis, of course, they will never do.

But ironically, when a couple of LDS missionaries were on my doorstep, when they evidenced unfamiliarity with the Apostles' Creed, I recited it to them and they said "Oh, we agree with every word of that".

At 6:10 PM , Anonymous nick said...

how would Christ answer this? The answer is in the parable of the good Samaritan, an answer to "who is my neighbor?". Think about it.

At 1:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone can "call" themselves Christians, but that doesn't make them one. The true test is in their actions. "You will know them by their fruits"


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