Monday, May 14, 2007

Divorce Marketing: a new twist

In Chicago there is an area called the "viagra triangle" filled with high-end clubs. (During my college and seminary days, I was not aware of the area...they had not invented viagra then.) An aggressive divorce attorney, Corrie Fetman (herself "happily divorced") proposed this edgy photo approach to solicit clients who are thinking about leaving their spouses to trade up. This whole notion is based on a term the NYT's calls "sport sex."
Could this be a panic signal of a very good trend; the decline of divorce nationwide? In 1970 the divorce rate per/1000 people was 5.3% and today it is at 3.6%. That's a good direction for pastors and pro-marriage people, and bad news for divorce lawyers.
While not getting headlines, a news item of significance here in Santa Barbara is that 21 couples from Montecito Covenant Church are getting away next weekend to tune up their marriages at a weekend conference hosted by the Adult Ministries Group and led by Dr. Dean Given. If I could promote a counter ad to the one above it would be worded "Life Is Short. Invest in your Marriage!"


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