Friday, May 18, 2007

M-4 Tote Bag

A what? A tote bag for M-4? What's an M-4? Glad you asked. M-4 is the designation used by the four (4) churches of Montecito, California: All-Saints by the Sea Episcopal Church, Mt Carmel Roman Catholic Church, El Montecito Presbyterian Church and Montecito Covenant Church. The four lovely churches have all finished renovation and construction programs and can appear, by outward appearances, to be the epitome of smug selfishness. Leaders of the four churches began having lunch together and invited in a representative of World Vision, Jeff Witten, to help us think together about how we could "bless the world in Jesus' name together." For several months we brainstormed all sorts of projects, eventually arriving at assembling 1,000 HIV/AIDS care kits to send to Rwanda. That day of working all together was electric. We knew this was a good thing to do; to work together as Christians beyond our denominational mission programs.
So in January we re-gathered to work on our next project. This time World Vision and People's Self-Help Housing helped us to identify a pressing local need: kids returning to school without supplies. So we decided to purchase and fill 800 back-packs for area kids who are client-families of People's Self-Help Housing. That's where the tote-bags come in.
To help bring visibility, raise funds AND become environmentally more responsible together, we have ordered 1,000 tote bags (250 per/church) to sell, with the proceeds going to purchase back-packs. The hidden up-side of this initiative is that we are also promoting environmental responsibility as a community church initiative. We are, in essence, each promoting each other. How cool is that.
When the bags come it, get in line!


At 3:38 PM , Blogger Isaac Johnson said...

awesome idea.

some of the smaller grocery chains in my hood even offer small discounts (5 cents a bag) if you bring your own.

For how much are they planning to sell them?


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