Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day BBQ success!

The day began with a softball game every church would beg to have: multi-generational, multi-ethnic, bi-gender, all skill levels, no yelling, lots of laughing, and no ultimate score. The big guys who can really hit played with the little ones who look up to them and tolerated us older ones who play great games in our minds. It was so much fun to play a game filled with encouragement and inclusion. No one was left out, even if he or she came let, we slipped them in. The big gues still hit homers a mile long, and others swung dribblers barely to the pitcher. But it was all fun/

After grilling our own meats and dishes to pass, we gathered in front of the gym where auctionaire extrodinaire Steve Shelton auctioned off a variety of wonderful deserts. The goal this year was to help underwrite the M-4 project of back-to-school backpacks for underpriviledged kids in Santa Barbara county. One team of bidders paid $900 for a cake! Was that cake good!!! The total raised at the auction by those in the photo above came in just over $3,800!!


At 9:10 AM , Blogger Andrew Stonina said...

Wow, $3800 from a bake sale!


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