Thursday, June 21, 2007

Annual Meeting Ministerium Worship

1:30 in the afternoon in Portland, in a conventional hall is a strange place to begin worship. A loud band up front, none of whom I know, is encouraging us to stand and put our hands together for songs I have not heard (not a new thing). We stood and stood, 2, 3, 4, a fifth song. The words were all good and the music was competent, but loud. But I felt weird, unconnected, like who are these people I'm gathered with? What do they have to do with me? How are we the body of Christ? Where do I fit in that body?
That is the challenge whenever I leave my comfortable community where I am know and have a role to enter a larger pastoral community where my role is passive audience. I wonder how many worshipers come to MCC for a frist time feeling much like this; strange, new, unconnected, pushed on with loud music made to stand too long? I'm stilllearning I guess.


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