Sunday, June 17, 2007

Installing a Staff Member

Today we installed Lisa Holmlund as Director of Student Ministries. Evelyn Johnson, Superintendent of the Pacific Southwest Conference came to the church specifically for to install Lisa. What does it mean? When Lisa was being installed I thought of all the staff persons over my years I have seen installed: Bruce Lindscheid, Eric Sparrman, Wally Coots, Steve and Marti Burger, Dennis Carlson, Kay Sorvik, John Larson, Bev Scripter, Ben Pease. Each person was the fruit of a long search process. It's always been an exciting and gruelling process to find the right fit, the right vision, and the right set of of skills.
But on the day of installation, I had this sense of holy participation in something much bigger than me and finding a staff person to get a job done. It's about being a participant in that deep inner sense of calling. It's about inviting a person to take a step of trust to join my community and team and thus to become part of their community and team. It's about bringing a person of God into this community who will indellibly touch the lives of students and parents. It's about observing someone watch and trust me with a significant phase of their career. It's about a church trusting me with a crucial person in the lives of their children and students.
I'd say it was a pretty holy day all the way around!


At 5:35 PM , Blogger mark said...

congratulations Don.
great post too.

At 7:21 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

I am so glad to be here...thanks for the post and encouragement! We have a fun journey ahead, huh?


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