Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Isaac 29!!

I'm too young to have a 29 year old son....or so I thought. Last week Isaac spent 10 days with us in Santa Barbara and we celebrated his 29th early. This year Martha got her revenge on Isaac's love-relationship with cords and wires. You see, since early childhood Isaac has had a fascination with things electrical and computer-related. His bedroom was always a spaghetti-bowl of wires of unknown sorts. We were sure he would be electrocuted before he was five...but he survived and thrived. When he moved away to college, we found entire drawers full of nothing but random (he corrected us and called them important) wires. A visit to his house is a discovery of what vericose plaster looks like, random lines of wired criss-crossing walls and floors connecting computers with computers with computers and sometimes a TV.
Now a company pays him to make sense of it all. But for good measure to remind him of his earlier years, Martha wrapped all his packages in tangles of wires and cords. Happy Birthday Isaac!!


At 6:17 PM , Blogger Maria Dodson said...

My father loves to use that line you opened with, "I'm too young to have a (pick an age) daughter!" He's been saying it for YEARS. My son is only 10 months old and ALSO loves all things electronic. Your son making it this far gives me hope! ;)


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