Tuesday, June 12, 2007

List Givers vs Load Lighteners

I love the lists I make for myself; lists for shopping, day-off prjects, books to buy, errands to run. I like making lists at work of projects to tackle, people to contact, sermon ideas to explore. Sometimes the lists avalanche into chaos, and I need to go back and rebuild them, edit them and clarify them.
But...I also like to give lists. The people I most like to give lists to are my children "You know you really should......" or "Have you contacted _________ yet?" or "What you need to do is ____________" or "If I were you I'd ___________". The other group I find myself giving lists to is the staff I work with. It's very easy to go into a staff meeting with a laundry lists of tasks I want to hand out. A former custodian once told me how much he dreaded staff meetings because it inevitably turned into a "to do" list or "complaint list" that he was loaded up with until the next staff meeting.
We make lists for others for two reasons: because we want to help them or because we want them to help us. The creature in tragically short supply is the list-reliever, or load lightener, the person who calls with ideas to help lighten someone's load. I hae a staff meeting today and I wonder if I will be a list-giver or a load-lightener? How about you?


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