Saturday, June 16, 2007


This morning, after my second cup of coffee, after reading the NYT's and all email, after visiting my regular blog-neighbors, I went traveling into my iphoto library (now at 5000+). It's quite humbling to go back through a digital record of where you've been. The screen was a scrolling flood of images, persons, events, and memories; all humbling and gracious. Kenya, Cairo, Hue Lake, Easter, Confirmation baptisms, picnics, visiting family and friends, mountain and beach vistas, lots and lots of laughing faces.
That's why I chose the photo above to capture the image of the pastoral life that I experience today; a surrounded life. We are literally surrounded by the church in the parsonage, surrounded by a wall delineating our home from church grounds, surrounded by a loving family with both sets of parents alive and active, surrounded by children who call this place their home. I made two home visits this week, where children greeted me warmly. One little boy, just entering Kindergarten in the fall, looked up at me and asked "Where do you come from?" How do you answer that? I am surrounded by staff and leaders who love Jesus and want to serve the church. I am surrounded by a congregation that cares and loves and gives and serves.I am surrounded by scholars, like those I met with this week to help dream about worship in the coming year.I am surrounded by books and words. I am surrounded by that great cloud of witnesses (Heb 12) that cheer me along the path.
It's a great life, to be surrounded!


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