Tuesday, June 26, 2007

VBS: Noah's Park

Vacation Bible School has been a staple of my church diet since childhood. It fit nicely into an American model of children being out of school and having time on their hands. Churches saw this as a great evangelistic opportunity to reach neighborhoods. The prorams were themed, high-energy and full of crafts and skits.

The problem with Vacation Bible School (VBS) is the energy requirements for organizing a week of daily half-day activities is enormous. Teams of adults plan six months out. Recruitment for leaders becomes a full-court press, begging and cajoling folks to give week of vacation time to help. With 2-income families the norm rather than the exception, this becomes increasingly difficult. Some churches have decided to abandon VBS for regular, weekly events and activities run by paid staff and smaller volunteer leaders.

Montecito Covenant Church decided long before I arrived to keeps its VBS program called "Noah's Half-Day Camp". And when the courtyard fills with kids from all over the community and the band cranks up, I can see why they keep it going. My job in it all? Roving ambassador of good news. Happy camping!


At 9:33 AM , Blogger kent said...

I still think you would look good with a pie in your face.


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