Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bon Fete Natioanale

It's Bastille Day, or in modern parlance "fete nationale." We have celebrated the day in Paris with friends, in the little village we stay in every other year, and here at home. Tonight Martha has invited Dick and Diana Trautwein and Lisa Holmlund to join us in a warm summer evening meal. The smell of cocque au vin drifts through the house. We went to the local cheese shop and spent an embarrasing amount on five different cheeses for the cheese course. Martha has an olive tray, tapinades, baguette, and an apricot tart. It's a night to wait for friends to arrive, have drinks and apetizers, and then cook the last things and eat slowly and visit long.
In France the long tables were brought out on the lawns along with all sorts of beverages and foods that went on and on and on. France taught me how to eat. No casseroles or hot dishes. Never eat a meal in a car driving or sip coffee while driving. Stop you work and eat. The biggest surprise to my French friends was working meals. How do you eat and work, they ask? Work should be work and eating....ah, it should be eating.
bon appetit!


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