Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Confession

Our son brought his youth group through town last weekend. It was a wild ride of food preparation, cleaning, washing towels, and more food. They threw frisbees, kicked soccer balls, flirted, teased and hung out. They worshiped with us at church, served food to the homeless and then drove on to San Francisco.
Then last night I read through "http://www.2o3ministries.com"> on Luke's blogand realized that I did not really take these young people serious spiritually. They were "just kids" on a mission trip. Then I read about the deep movement of God in the lives of these 14-18 year olds. And I had to ask God for forgiveness for not seeing them as he does. And that's when the wave began to roll me with all the others I so easily discount and don't take seriously;
my wife and my kids because they are...you know, my family
my staff because we need to get the work done
college students because they are just moving through
old people because they are too set in their ways
rich people because they have too much
poor people because they just want what I have
republicans because their minds are made up
democrats because their minds are made up also
my list got longer and longer as I confessed to God those people I discount, dismiss, stereotype, pidgeon-hole and don't take seriously. It's time for me to take everyone, everyone seriously.


At 8:28 PM , Blogger kent said...

Well done and well said. hit the nail on the head.


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