Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Eating: It's What We Do!

Summer Wednesday nights from 1993-2005 were exclusively reserved for sailing: in Muskegon, Michigan with guys from our church out on Muskegon Lake and in Minneapolis with Dayton Walker on his M-20 on Lake Minnetonka. Nothing got scheduled for a Wednesday night that included me, unless it was an emergency of some sort. When we arrived in Santa Barbara, the first thing I noticed was the yacht harbor and the "Wet Wednesdays" when boats raced out on the ocean. My pattern could continue! Yeah!
But Montecito Covenant Church had another pattern called "Suppers under the Oaks." I was not required nor even expected to attend all the suppers. Everyone in church knows of my love of sailing and would easily release me to go sail. But I can't. These suppers are TOO great! About 100 people come each Wednesday night from 6:00 pm till ?? and just eat and hang out. All ages show up. There is often a table of high schoolers and a table of senior citizens. But the rest is a wonderful hodge-podge of new-comers and old-timers, singles and families, college students with jr. high schoolers. The Adult Committee (uner the leadership of Bob and Wendy Ludwick) oversee the direction and theme, but release control to different hosting teams, so that each Wednesday is different and delightful.
I get the chance to visit (really visit) so many people who slip by me on Sundays. There is no program or structure, just eat, visit, have fun and love each other. Honestly, I do not miss the sailing because this is so good, so healthy, so missional. It's a place where new friends are enfolded and loved. It's where the social barriers of age and status evaporate and all you see is people loving people. It's what we do...and need to keep doing!


At 7:54 PM , Blogger Dan said...

Most excellent! reminds me of one of the things I miss most from my Seminary Days, Tuesday evening family BBQ's during the summer with on site students and faculty.


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