Sunday, July 29, 2007

Feeling Rich

You know you have friends when you are invited on a picnic while they are in town visiting their kids. With time being in such short supply, when Dave and Renee Erickson invited me to join them in a picnic with Kris, Matt and TK, I felt rich. They did not have to invite me along. We could have just visited on the patio after church, telephone called, or emailed. But they wanted me to join their family for a precious picnic.
Two CEO's were being interviewed about their life, successes, and life-lessons. The interviewer asked them both what they did badly. After a long pause, one CEO looked down and said "I've built and run really large businesses and made a lot of money. But what I am really bad at is taking time for my friends like (and he turned to the guy sitting next to him)." At that moment both of them choked up and talked about an upcoming meal they are going to have together just as two friends. No agenda, no partners, just friends being friends.
Tonight, with that interview echoing in my heart, I realized that some of you reading this are those friends of mine. With some of you we have made the time and enjoying long meals and conversations. You have made me rich by letting me into your world and listening to me, laughing with me, challenging me, and loving me. Thanks!


At 9:15 PM , Blogger Aaron said...

looks relaxing don. i like the ocean in the back.


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