Sunday, July 08, 2007

Luke 10:1-12: travel tips

Yesterday I saw 5 weddings on the beach when I went swimming. 3 happened simultaneously, side-by-side on little patches of sand. The roads were clogged with not only regular beach-goers, but limousines and wedding traffic. As a destination location, Santa Barbara gets its fair share of vacation travelers. Having just traveled to Portland Oregon for the Covenant Annual Meeting and to Minneapolis for a wedding, I have participated in and witnessed how we travel. We carry lots of stuff.
My briefcase is loaded with a camera, ipod, cell phone, adapter cords, lap-top, books, magazines, tablets of paper, my GPS device, tickets and reservations.
Jesus, in today's lectionary text from Luke, give the disciples and us some different kind of travel advice: take nothing: no purse, bag or sandals. Greet no one along the way. Bring only the greeting of "Peace to this house" and "The kingdom of God has already come near you." That's all you need: a presence of peace and an awareness of kingdom.
As I sit in my office in the quiet early morning hours, surrounded by thousands of books, comfortable appointments, art on the walls, and files full of ideas, I realize how much stuff I carry around and how I need to hang a lot up and take the peace and kingdom awareness. I need to travel more lightly.


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