Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Martha to Norway

Martha took off for Norway this morning. She boarded the Santa Barbara Air-bus shuttle for the ride to Los Angeles where she will board a KLM flight to Amsterdam and on to Kristiansand. This is her fourth trip to Norway. She began going to Norway with Northwestern College students to experience Euorpean printmaking studios and the apprenticeship environment. Once there, the Norwegian printmaking community recognized her talent and began asking her to teach them some of her more advanced techniques.
One of her students, Asbjorn Hollerud, is becoming well-known in his own right in Norway as a printmaker. He proposed a show of his work and those of his two artistic "parents": Martha and his Norwegian mentor, a man named Haken. The three artists were invited to hang a show at the Norwegian Museum of Printmaking in Oslo in August. Unfortunately, Haken died this year, so his presence will be missed, but his work will be displayed.
Martha will also be teaching for several weeks prior to the show at some printmaking studios. The theme of her show is "Losing Paradise" based on conflicting, competing and disturbing images of both beauty and ruin, joy and despair in both the human and ecological community.
I will miss her deeply during these weeks, but also know that this a great for her. You can see more of her work at martha's work.


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