Friday, July 20, 2007

Michael Vick: Just Say NO

Covenanters (especially many pastors I know) LOVE football. Midwinter Conferences sometimes include the Superbowl. Mike Holmgren is "sainted" among many of us for his leadership and philanthropy. There are long-held, totally irrational favorite teams and bad-boy teams. This is all well and good and fun.
Years ago, when I was a staunch Vikings fan, a boatload of Viking players on Lake Minnetonka hired strippers, got drunk and started having sex out on the lake. The underaged staff objected and the captain wisely brought the boat back to shore and called the police. But both Red McCombs (sp?) and Coach Denny Green did not have the moral courage to fire, discipline and reprimand these hormonally overcharged millionaires. In many of our eyes, that was the lowest point for the Vikings who were trying to win community favor for a new stadium. Bad leadership everywhere.
Now Michael Vicks is being charged with dog-fighting. Does not seem so bad until you go to Google Images and ask for pcitures of his dogs. It's worse than pornography. I will not post those pictures. It's too ugly, too brutal, too inhuman. His estate is filled with buildings dedicated to raising killing-machine pit-bulls. Those that do not make the killing-grade are dispatched by drowning, electrocution, shooting or body-slamming.
I know that in our constitutionally bounded society a person is innocent until proven guilty. But this quarterback needs a major time out. He needs to hear our roar of disgust and non-endorsement of this kind of ugly lifestyle. The hip-hop community needs to step up and call him on the carpet. Pastors and Christians in sports need to bring Jesus to this broken person. When is enough enough?


At 3:06 PM , Blogger kent said...

It seems that being exceptional at playing games gives you a pass in our country. Be good enough at any of the major sports and we will tolerate just about anything. Also if you listen to come of the rhetoric around this particular case you will also hear race being lifted up as part ofthe dialogue. This isn't about anything but stupid. In the immortal words of Forrest Gump - stupid is as stupid does.


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