Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pay Attention

It snowed in Santa Barbara last night. The snow was not cold crystals of ice, but flakes of ash from the Zacca fire burning 50 miles north west of us. The wind shifted and the sky grew brown, then orange. The sunset was spectacular and the ashes fell like the beginning of a powedery snowfall in really cold temperatures, where the flakes seem suspended in the air. Last night the moon rose red.
Fires seem distant and more of a news story than a present reality. We are not threatened here along the coast. The marine layer keeps our moisture levels pretty high...for now. But last night got my attention.
This morning as I get ready for worship, I wonder what has my attention? Will the coffee makers brew enough cups? Will the dvd player work for the Inquirer's Class? Will anyone attend? Will the worship team do a good job? Who will I have lunch with today? Will I preach well or get lost in my own distractions? Am I aware of the 22 (now 21) Korean Christian hostages whose lives hang by a thread under Taliban captivity? Am I aware of the 111 million believers here in the USA who love Jesus but who will not come into a church? Am I aware of the deep and distant rumbling and spiritual yearning in our community? Can I get my eyes off my petty little issues about personal preference, personal control, personal space, personal entitlement and see kingdom issues? May God have my full attention!


At 11:23 AM , Blogger kent said...

111 million believers not attending any church. Wow I was not aware of that number. Sobering.

At 7:11 PM , Blogger Chris Brooks said...

Deep. Man, I miss hanging out with you.

At 8:14 AM , Blogger Dan said...

welcome to southern california... as a kid growing up some miles southwest of where you are the annual wild fires was "tradition!" There were wild fires every year and when it was the San Gabriel mountians turn in the rotation, we'd get the ash fall!


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