Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Strange People You Meet

We are in Minnesota this weekend for the wedding of a former confirmation student out at a farm way south of Minneapolis. After the ceremony all the guests lined up to into the huge tent for dinner. A woman stood next to me and looked up at me quizzically? I hate that! What she was doing was asking if I remembered her? What church did she used to attend? Did I perform a wedding for her years ago? Her son or daughter? Did I officiate at the funeral of her loved one? No hint....just a widening smile as she knew I did not immediately place her.
It was Liz who blurted out her identity with a yelp..."Dr. Dunn!!" This was the neuro-surgeon who saved our daughter's life 11 1/2 years ago in a dramatic emergency surgery to remove a major tumor from her cerebellum. She was as excited and happy to see us (really to see Liz) as we were to see her. For the next moments we reconnected and re-expressed our deep thanks and appreciation for her skillful actions.
In those moments we were slammed back into the worst and best days of our lives; when we almost lost our daughter and then received her back. God is good!


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