Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Getting to Great

How do church staff teams learn to go from good to great? I have worked with church staffs from 1980 with one secretary and a part-time youth worker and later a full-time associate, up to a staff of 5 pastors including an executive pastor and about 20 on the overall payroll. Preaching is easy...staff leadership is tough. I've attended semianrs and read countless books. We have brought in consultants and taken lots of tests. Each exercise was done with integrity and yielded some results. I have also been privileged to have served with some very very gracious pastors and staff persons.
What we are doing at Mission Springs is something new and very exicitng to me. We are going off as the full-time leadership staff along with similar configurations of staff persons from 3 other churches for a year-long adventure called: "Getting to Great" led by Alan Foresman and Doug Stevens.
We read Jim Collins book: "Good to Great" together prior to our first meeting, and will retreat together three more times over the year. The difference this time is the word "together". I'm not driving, pushing or forcing change, but part of the flow along with my staff and other staff persons.

Lisa, Dan and I ahve had some great time walking and talking about our meetings and just about stuff. I only wish this had been available years ago and other great staff persons could have benefited from times away like this.


At 7:33 AM , Blogger kent said...

Very. very cool. I hope yuou have some good insights to share!

At 8:05 AM , Blogger Rick said...

Sounds really great. But until I read the part about other churches, I was looking at the pic and thinking When in the world were Greco and Don on the same church staff??

At 8:42 AM , Blogger Kate said...

I always love to hear about what Doug Stevens is up to - did you know that Chris grew up with his daughter and that Doug and his wife are close friends with Chris' parents? Doug performed their vow renewal ceremony last year in Mexico! He's a great man and I first met him when Chris and I had just started dating and he prepped me on how to get along well in the Schwass household. I'm always so glad to hear of all the great and unique work he is doing!


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