Friday, August 31, 2007

Old Fountain...New Fountain

In the center of the patio courtyard of MCC is a beautiful fountain with a surrounding little garden. The new Properties Deacon wanted the old plants removed and new, more colorful plants brought in. Consulting with a horticulturist at an area nursery, new plants were purchased and then Martha went to work.

Her first task was to pull out all the old plants and find new homes for them. Martha does not believe in throwing away growing things (good thing for me!)

Her next task was to till the soil, which she found was a thin layer of topsoil over hard-packed construction dirt, which around here is basically adobe clay. She purchased bags of potting soil to mix in with the hard dirt...amending the soil is what she calls it.

Then the new plants were placed in the fresh new soil, bringing color back to the fountain. So what did I do while she was working so hard? Someone had to take the pictures and brew the coffee!


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