Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Zaca Fire behind us

For the first time in my life I am watching and witnessing a major fire called the Zaca fire. It has now burned over 90,000 acres or about 140 square miles. Over 2,000 fire-workers are on the line, with tanker airplanes, bull-dozers and helicopters. This is a big deal! It's been burning since July 4th and growing, due to the dry weather and high temperatures. It has threatened Santa Barbara, and most recently the communit we live in called Montecito. But low evening winds (called "sundowners" that blow north to south; from where the fire is to where we are) have been moderate. So the plan was to do a back-burn, from our area toward the fire, giving us a safety buffer. It worked very well today. As the back-fires burned in toward the main fire, they intensified and billowed up clouds in excess of 30,000 feet! I know they call this good news, but it still made me worried. Give me a snowstorm!


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