Saturday, September 29, 2007

Council/Staff Retreat @ Samarkand

32 Council members and staff with spouses gathered for a great meal and worship Friday night at the church. We shared testimonies of God's faithfulness, we sang, we read God's word and we prayed for each other. It's what we do. Our quality of life together is such a gift, Chris Call, chair, almost decided to end the retreat there, with the worship.
But Saturday morning we gathered at the Samarkand (the Covenant Retirement Center in Santa Barbara) and we reflected and wrote about four dimensions of our ministry areas based on a compass quadrant: rising ministries of the East, setting ministries in the West, solid fixed points of ministry in the North and joyful, basking ministries of the South. Then we shared and shared and shared. What emerged was a colorful picture of momentum in many different areas at MCC.

Then Chris led us in an exercise of metaphor making; what metaphor gives meaning to life at MCC; as it is and as it should be. We talked with each other until about 3pm. Sensing that God is doing a great deal in our midst, with a lot of work that we need to do promoting the good news to others. While we did not come out with 2 or 3 key tasks ahead of us, we did get a sense of fundamental health and growth.


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