Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ready, Set, Wait!!!

The confirmation lesson focussed on how long Israel waited for the Messiah. How could we imprint "waiting" on 13 confirmation students? Lisa Holmlund had a brilliant idea. She went out earlier in the day and purchased a killer desert and had it all set out when the students arrived at 4:30 pm, hungry and tired after a long day.

They could not get their eyes off of the cakes and strawberry tray and cooler filled with drinks. Normally we begin confirmation at 4:30 and break for treats at 5:00 for 15 minutes then finish up at 6:00 pm. But not today. When 5:00 came, the Pavlovian response kicked in and they are rose to eat. I was the heavy and said we had more material to study. Lisa and Liam bean pestering me to break for a treat because the students were hungry. I asserted my seniority and demanded they just hold on. That lasted another 20 minutes.
By the time Lisa stood up for her teaching portion, she asked if they were now ready for the treats? Screams turned into the rush below! Filled plates and contented stomachs (not to even think about the sugar content just before dinner!), they got the point of delaying and waiting, for not only a treat, but the Messiah.


At 5:32 AM , Blogger simplicity said...

When I was in confirmation, Steve Burger and Karla Walker did a similar excercise with candy bars. They gave each of us a candy bar but we had to wait...and wait....and wait. For what seemed like forever being hungry for a treat and sitting through confirmation. It was a good excercise.


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