Friday, September 21, 2007

Student Ministries Partnership: Seniors!

A 3pm meeting with senior adults living in a Covenant Retirement Center would probably not be one of the highest priorities for most people involved in Student Ministries. MCC has about 45 of its regular members and attenders who live at Samarkand, a Covenant Retirement Center in Santa Barbara. Every other month, or so, I like to schedule a 3pm time together to visit about what's happening at MCC and listen to their concerns and needs (transportation, sound, musical questions, etc.) Yesterday I invited Lisa Holmlund to join me.
We began asking the residents (about 25 were there) what made the most spiritual impact on them between the ages of 14-18. It was fascinating to hear them tell of camp experiences, youth groups, missionary testimonies, etc. By the time we were done sharing, we were all youth again, all back there in those formative years when we made decisions to follow Christ.
Lisa jumped in, telling them of the youth retreat she is heading off to today with about 19 youth and counselors (a record!), about planned mission trips, camps, Sunday School, worship, discipleship and mentoring. I watched the faces of our members light up as they blessed and affirmed what they heard. Lisa warned them that when they come early to worship, they might hear some really loud music coming from the youth buildings where the youth worship as a group before "big worship" in the sanctuary ("they like it a little louder than you do" she said, and they all laughed).
When I was saying goodbye to our members, I heard a number of comments about how grateful they were that we had someone with such enthusiasm and heart for students. Talk about great partnerships!


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