Saturday, September 08, 2007


"I'm soooo tired." is a phrase I'm hearing regularly from colleagues, staff, members both young and old. The single person in graduate school or at their first time job is so tired trying to keep up and get rest and play with friends. The engaged couple is so tired getting their wedding details planned. The newlyweds are so tired with the demands of full-time work and household chores and not seeing old friends like they used to. The couple with their first child is exhausted with the demands of night-time nursing demands, diaper-changing, and all the gear it takes to just go to the store. The parents with elementary aged kids is tired trying to keep up with classwork, clothing, packing, dropping off and picking up. They feel like they are living in their cars until middle-school and high school sports, traveling teams and weekend tournaments with hot fields, lousy food and cranky kids. They can't wait for Monday mornings to release them from the weekend schedule. Tiredness really comes into play when kids become drivers and flirt with curfews, drinking and partying. When the front door does not close till 3:00 am, that's a new kind of tired. Empty-nesting (where we are now) is a different kind of tired, because our parents now need attention and care, especially for those adult-children who live near their parents. They need the care only children can bring, but now it involves medical direction, estate planning, forced relocation, radical downsizing.
Part of me gets a bit brusque when I hear complaints of being tired. But that is insensitive. People are tired. Why? Too many expectations? too pourous of boundaries between work and personal time? too lazy managing time? too disobedient about sabbath time?
One of my personal life-heros is the late Rev. John Nilson from Seattle. He came to my seminary for a week of pastor-in-residence when I was a student, complaining about how busy I was. He saw my very full Covenant appointment book and simly asked: "Whose pen wrote in all those appointments?"


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