Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Arrived In Israel...almost

The intrepid 12 MCC travelers gathered in front of the Mir Monte Hotel at 6am-ish Tuesday morning for our Santa Barbara Air Bus ride to LAX into the morning sun along the Pacific Coast Highway. 3 others met us at LAX on their own and we began the process of checking in as a group. Most airlines appreciate booking groups independently, so we went down to an un-used area of Continental Airlines and waited for a special ticket agent to handle us. Martha and I checked in along with Dawn and Karl Fredrickson, then came Jeanne Heckman and they said her passport was invalid. Shocked, Jeanne said that that was impossible, she had flown internationally on this same passport twice this year. But the ticket agent supervisor was unmoved and said the torn cover invalidated it and she would need a replacement passport before she could fly.
I can't tell you how sick we all felt. But there was nothing to do. Jeanne hopped in a cab and left us all. I called EO (Educational Opportunities, the tour hosting company) and they gave Jeanne instruction and support. She got her passport too late for a Tuesday afternoon flight, but is booked on a flight leaving Wednesday at 12:45, getting in here tomorrow afternoon, missing one full day with us.
The flight was good, long, crowded and fun. We arrived on time (3:30 pm) in Tel Aviv and were met by an EO person. This was the first time the whole group of 15 (including the absent Jeanne) and 17 others from all over the country met. We retrieved our bags and met our tour guide "Tsippi" and drove into the sunset to the Sea of Galilee town of Tiberias where we will be spending the next two nights.
Tomorrow we head out to see an ancient restored boat, see Capernaum and other sites around the Sea of Galilee. I will get more photos tomorrow to load in. It's possible that tomorrow I will baptize Karl Fredickson in the Jordan River. Dinner is now done. I'm not sure how many meals I've eaten in too many time zones, but I (and the whole grous) is ready to experience the delight of being horzontal


At 4:18 PM , Blogger kent said...

have a great time

At 5:57 PM , Anonymous Lyle said...

Hi Donn,
We are following you trip and posting the day by day progress on the bulletin board here at the Samarkand.



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