Monday, October 01, 2007

Away from Her

I knew I needed to watch it. So I put in in a que from Netflix. Then it arrived. I kept finding a reason not to watch it. Last night I ran out of excuse and Martha and I sat down and watched the poignant movie "Away From Her." It was powerful, moving and disturbing. I still can't get it out of my head: watching a loved one's mind unravel from Alzheimer's disease. The setting was starck and beutiful Canada, with images of winter and snow, that were at once attractive to me in California and yet chilling to the bone. This movie showed the diginity of facing it and living with the consequences of facing the disease. The characters did not resort to nice euphemisms, but tackled it head-on. I have friends who live with this day-to-day and it gives me greater compassion for them. I bless Covenant Retirement Centers all the more for giving those residents disabled by Alzheimer's a place to live with love, grace and dignity.


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