Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Confirmation & Chiapas Roof Crosses

In August Martha and I attended an opening of decorative roof crosses from Chiapas Mexico from the collection of Dr. Ginny Guess. Dr. Guess is a published author and expert on the sociology and anthropology of roof crosses. After the lecture, I mentioned how much I enjoyed her lecture and show and how cool it would be for my confirmation class to see. Dr. Guess' eyes lit up and she promptly introduced me to the curator and we arranged a visit that night.
Tonight was the visit. 12 7th & 8th graders paid rapt attention to her explanations about the symbolism and purpose of the crosses. Living in a growing hispanic culture, this was a home-run experience for all of us tonight. I asked the students about their use and value of symbols. What symbols identify us, define us, condense us?


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