Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Gift of Giving

I have the best job in the world! I get to be the hands of the body of Christ. This morning ___ (nameless) came by to see "a pastor." She is new to the area, recently unemployed, has just found a new job, but faces a gap in the rent. "Could you help me?" seh asked. "I can't, but the church can." Out of a compassion fund we have, I was able to authorize a check to cover her rent for a week, more than she asked for or needed at the moment. She burst into tears of joy. "Now" I asked "Does God have your full attention?" And we talked for about 45 minutes about her next steps in her spiritual journey.
Then Sandi and Alice interupted me and asked if I wanted to join them as they presented monogrammed aprons to our adult friends who work for Adult Resource Center (ARC). These are developmentally disabled adults who need a service place. In exchange for letting them use our church kitchen every other week, we provide raw materials and they bake up, cook up, or whatever-up great meals we use for potlucks and church hospitality. You can see the grins on their faces to be on the receiving end of these simple gifts.
Did I tell you I have a great job??


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