Sunday, October 14, 2007

PSWC miniCelebration on the Mosaic

This afternoon a modest group of members from several of the South Coast Covenant Churches gathered at MCC for a miniCelebration of what God is doing in the Pacific Southwest Conference (PSWC). Wayne Carlson, Director of Church Planting, jeff Lee from the Development side, and David Gibbons, lead pastor at New Song Irvine spoke. Dan Bos and the MCC worship team did a fabulous job leading worship.

We heard witnesses about Journey to Mosaic and some facts about the growth within our region of the Conference. It is all good news! The PSWC is on track planting 10 churches a year for the next ten years. The Conference has 3 clear goals for these next 10 years: aggressive church planting, leadership development and ministries of compassion and justice. This is the kind of stuff I can sign up for!

David Gibbon brought a great message about the need for fluidity in the church today, flowing into new models and forms, looking at the small and not the large models, going wall-less and being better stewards of the spaces that we do have, looking for the neighbor who is different.
There is one thing less than visible in imagery of the mosaic church: the old. It seems like mosaic, emergent, cutting edge always values and features pictures of the young, but look at the picture above and see how many older members are there. I am the first one to value and bless the importance of reaching you people: from children, middle school, high school and college. The church just cannor afford to ever disregard generational cohorts. The question for the PSWC to keep asking is, is the mosaic also a generational mosaic, blessing the babies and the grandparents? One of the things MCC is finding is the richness we have with our seniors, who bring us such wisdom, maturity and grace. What happens to a community that undervalues the old (or any group within it)?
A night like tonight makes me so grateful for being allowed to serve churches like I have over the years, where the old people were valued and loved along with the children and youth.


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