Thursday, November 22, 2007

Flying with Isaac

Our oldest son Isaac has been visiting us for the past week, making Thanksgiving special for us since our other two children cannot be here until Christmas. Isaac has always been a person of intense hobbies (as the other two are as well, Liz with dancing and Luke with Ultimate). Isaac's newest passion is radio-controlled flying. He now mounts a mini video camera on top of or beneath his airplane and then videos his flights, posting 3-4 minute clips with movies at www.f3600.com. Yesterday we went to the bluff west of Santa Barbara near UCSB campus. Isaac, in the picture above, launched his plane in a fairly stiff breeze and flew it flawlessly out over the ocean and back over us several times.
At one point he flew near a flying sea gull. The sea gull evaded the plane, and Isaac turned the plane back to land and the sea gull launched an attack after the plane. Both bird and plane flew at about the same speed, so Isaac was clearly on the defense, dodging this way and that, trying to avoid the sea gull's beak which would down the plane and camera. We laughed so hard our stomachs hurt. He never thought of radio controlled flying as a contact sport!


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