Saturday, November 10, 2007

Israel Trip Breakfast Reunion

Those who traveled to Israel in October had a wonderful Israeli breakfast reuinion today at Jeanne Michealsen's house. We all brought foods like those we had for breakfast in Israel; tomatoes, olives, meats, eggs, pita, hummus, and lots of coffee. We laughed and we told stories. Then we went around the table talking about what the lasting impression of the trip was to each one of us. That was a tender time of sharing and, again, laughing. All of were impressed by different things; geography, the people, the Bible coming alive, new friends, and the layering of history in one small piece of real estate.
As we finished, we began plans for a 2009 trip to Greece to follow the journeys of Paul. It is so much fun to travel with people you know and love before, and love even more afterwards.


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