Saturday, November 10, 2007

Off to Disney-Land!

It was cold as I shuffled out the front door to get my NYT's paper. I was barely waking up, going through my morning ritual: coffee on, lights on, bathrobe and slippers on, heat turned on to take off the morning chill. When I got to the end of our sidewalk, I heard voices, young voices. Then I remembered; Lisa was taking students to Disney-Land today. I went back in quickly and put on jeans and a sweatshirt and went over to greet the students and parents in the parking lot. Some of the students were new to me, so were their parents. About 30 in all were heading for an all-day adventure at Disney-Land. The energy in the parking lot before 7:00 am was a wake-up call to me about the growing strength of student ministries at MCC. I'm just glad I am not the one doing the driving and riding stomach-turning rides all day. God bless those in student ministries!


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