Sunday, November 04, 2007

Old Sign Re-built

I heard the pounding Saturday morning. Alex and 2 guys from his son's construction company were getting the "new" sign in place and leveled. A huge drill and massive bolts anchored the sign to thickmetal plates set solidly in a concrete base above grade with a drip-edge. The sign-posts are even shimmed off the concrete so air can circulate under the posts, delaying rot due to wetness. This is a well-done job, but costly. We have not seen the final bill, but I watched over the last two weeks as Alex and his son Eric disassembled the sign and bought new posts, excavated the old base and had to chisel out the concrete to make space for the metal brackets. Hours and hours of work, just for a sign.
The parallels are not lost on me from my earlier post. Rebuilding broken lives is a lot of work, very costly in terms of time and energy and often very complicated because there needs to be demoliton and construction. Some stuff has to go to make room for healthy new life. I think we are weakest at demolition because it seems so judgemental and harsh. "What do you mean this habit or attitude has to go, it's not of your business, or at least it's just your personal opinion!" "What do you mean I have to be reconcild to that jerk? Do you know what he/she did to my life?" Some of us are so familiar with the rotten posts, and intimidated by the work required to remove the dead wood, we just leave the rot in place.
But then we would never see how the new sign stands tall and strong!


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