Saturday, November 03, 2007

President Denominationless

Brad Boydston tipped us off to an interesting interview with Rev. Robert A. Schuller, son of the founder of the Crystal Cathedral. In this interview in the "Christian Post" on Nov 2, 2007 Schuller says:"I think we're in a new era in the Church," said the Rev. Robert A. Schuller, senior pastor of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Calif. "And that era is 'denominationless.'"

Already, Americans have come years into waning membership across mainline denominations and an increasing thirst for something less institutional, something closer to a relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

So what's church going to look like in the near future?

"I think the Church is actually going to reflect what Jesus Christ has envisioned the Church being since day one – a body of believers, not necessarily congregated in a specific location, but those who have a sincere faith and a heart and love for Jesus Christ, who are committed to him, and worship God and worship the tri-nature of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ in unique ways that is yet to be determined," commented Schuller in an interview with The Christian Post."
This is not necessarily a new topic, but it might be timely for those on the ECC Presidential Search Committee. What does it mean to elect a President of a Denomination in a "denominationless culture? What focus should denominational leadership take when their role is not longer assumed to be important by a growing majority of church-goers? What will be the emerging role for denominational presence in the life of a local church? Is anyone asking these questions? Wouldn't it be great if some leaders could inject this conversation into the coming Midwinter Conference?


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