Friday, November 02, 2007

Quiet Joys

It was a foggy Thursday night. We ate pizza out of a box with salad on paper plates drinking pop. The eight of us gathered around the dining room table were a representation of the church: single, married, with kids, without kids, empty nest, grandparents. Our task was one of those assignments many dread: the Nominating Committee for officers for the 2008 Church Council.
But last night's meeting (the last of 3) was filled with laughter and stories, joy and love. We carefully and prayerfully sought out qualified persons to step into significant roles of leadership and we filled the ballot of empty places except for one, and that will be decided by Sunday.
Why is this a quiet joy? It's the church at work. It's not politicing or back-room cajoling. it was a joyful search to see who God is calling into specific ministry leadership. Almost to a person, those asked were delighted and honored to say "yes." It was not "my" slate of persons in a agreement with me or persons representing "power blocks" within the church. Some are relatively new and unknown. Some are really young (mid-20's). But all are really qualtified and gifted. It's exciting for me to see the church at work in these quiet ways. And the pizza was really, really good!


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