Friday, November 23, 2007

A Real Day Off

It's too easy to work with the office right across from the house. In the mornings when Martha is in the studio, it's too easy to slip over and get some reading in, answer emails and get ahead on the schedule. But having Isaac with us this week, reminded me to stay home and get out.
Today we wandered some stores and ate a late and leisurely lunch. Then the two of us went to the beach so Isaac could fly his radio-controlled plane. Today there was an admiring crowd of guys who understood radio frequencies and admired Isaac's flying skills, landing his plane at our feet with delicate ease. Then we loaded the plane into the car and just alked the beach during low tide, seeing normally hidden sea life and rocks and weeds. On the way back to the car in the late afternoon sun Isaac explored the possibility of taking a swim, but the cold air, growing breeze and very chilly waters discouraged him from taking a plunge. So we just stood on the beach, silently enjoying life and the water. It was a real day off.


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