Thursday, November 01, 2007

Rebuilding Old Signs

For the past week, I hear the sounds of saws and drills. Alex Nordholm and his son Eric are working to repair and replace our old sign (just a couple of years) that was big, massive and sturdy...until it fell. Upon examination, Alex and Eric discovered that the sign posts were anchored in concrete about 4 feet into the soil. What was neglected was any way to keep water from pooling at the base of the posts. Over the years,the pooled water infiltrated the posts and invited termites to a nice chewy meal. You can see where the old posts rotted and broke off.
Rebuilding the old sign is probably taking more time than the original installation of the first sign because the hole had to be cleared and excavated of wood, and new posts had to be ordered, sized and drilled, and new forms and brackets had to be built and installed so that this time the posts are above the water and soil level and can stay dry.
Most of the people I encounter are old signs. There is a long history of pooling water, wet rot, dry rot and gnawing termites. Most people I meet come with history and with woundedness. There is a re-engineering going on in their lives of carving out the old stuff and replacing with newer material, practices and habits. It's also long work. It's the work of the church.
The text for this coming Sunday (All Saints' Sunday) is Acts 15:36-16:5 and the tough, but important work of connecting with believers and "seeing how they are doing."


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