Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Do you sometimes wonder if you are getting too much information? At my dentist appointment yesterday, he wave a wand over my excavated tooth after fully numbing my mouth (some would say head as well). Then it falshed up on the screen which was positioned in front of me in the chair. He pointed out his options and told me about the potential failure points in that tooth.
For the next 30 minutes he rocked and pushed my jaw as he repaired the hole in my tooth that was all too visual for me. But in our litigeous world, professionals go to great lengths to insure we, the patients and clients, understand our situation and their proposal. We receive more information than we can meaningfully process and digest.
It often happens in other areas as well. In the spirit of candor and openness, I will hear far more about a relationship than I need to know, far more medical data about a prayer request than I should and far more emotional reationale for a decision than is necessary.
How much over-information goes on within the church? Where do we under-inform members and where do they receive way too much information (TMI)? I think about that when I read the news and wonder, "Do I really need to know this?"


At 7:18 AM , Blogger kent said...

Thank you or sharing. What a nice photo. Did you get any wallet-sized copies for keepsakes?

I have always foubnd it interesting that people have been far more willing share their sexual information than their financial information. It is not practice to ask for either. Especially the former. Yikes!

At 4:21 PM , Blogger kent said...

Having looked at it again I thought something was hatching.


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