Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Cards and Letters

I love the mail these days. I love opening Christmas cards from families and friends with the seasonal Christmas letters and various types of visuals. Some are sophisticated desk-top publishing, highlighting the family events of the past year. Others are those great family portraits that give us a picture of how children have grown and aged, and how my peers have grown so much older than I am. Some letters are litanies of accomplishments from proud parents. Others mark the sad changes of death and loss. All are welcome because we know and love these people; we have history and story together. The Christmas letters link one more year on the chain of years.
Each of our years Martha does a linoleum block print of something. This year it is the courtyard that I blogged about below; the beautiful oak grove between the parsonage and the church, where squirrels scamper and crows feed. It's the path I cross several times each day between house and office. It's a source of unending pleasure as I watch the light filter through the trees at various stages of the day, or the fog hover in the branches when the marine layer rolls in.
I love being married to an artist who can capture with her hand more than what my eye sees or the technology of my digital camera records.


At 2:26 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

Martha, this gets an A+. I love it.


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