Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Party Season

The Jr. High ended their Christmas progressive dinner at our house last night, beginning the wonderful round of Christmas parties and meals for the next two weeks. Martha made a big chocolate fudge desert with peppermint ice cream topping and home-made hot chocolate. We sugared their systems into the middle of this week! But it was really fun on several levels: our son Luke is with us and his interaction with Lisa and the leaders was fun to watch, hosting the students was a privilege, to watch them just hang out with each other and interact in an unstructured setting (unlike confirmation and worship), and then to be a participant with them in a silly white-elephant gift exchange was really fun. At the end of the evening, parents came to the house to pick up their children and we had a good chance to just visit with them and hang out.
I need these unstructured structures when I am not on a performance schedule and I can listen and relax. The only problem is that they usually come with foods, wonderful, calorie-filled foods!


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