Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Scrabble

It's funny how each family sets up its own, unique Christmas traditions. We are fortunate again this year to have all three kids home with us for Christmas: Isaac from Minneapolis, Luke from Chicago and Liz from Atlanta. They are adults in their own rights with their own worlds and identities. Yet they give us their time to hang out as a family for a while. It's not without its challenges: sleep and wake time, foods, activities, tv, and connecting with friends. I recall how weird it was for me to visit my parents after they moved from St. Paul to Omaha. I visited them but had nowhere to go. I knew no one in Omaha and never planned to live there. So our (I was married then) trips were in and out. Liz has found some dancers here and Luke is finding some Ultimate players. Isaac will track down some radio-controlled airplane guys. But mostly we hang out together and get our fix on each other. 
One of our family traditions is Scrabble. It must be played at least once (last night we had 2 games in a row). It's a great time to concentrate, tease, talk, kibbutz, and laugh. We did all three last night.  Martha and I lost both games. 


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