Friday, December 07, 2007

Exegesis or Narrative?

My brother is a pretty smart guy. The other day we were having a phone conversation about a highly charged ethical issue. He interrupted our conversation saying, "You need to determine at the outset if this is about exegesis or narrative." When I asked for clarification he illustrated how many conversations can shift from exegesis into narrative with the simple phrase "but I have a friend who ____________." And now we are comparing the level of friendship we have with people as ammunition for or against our argument. No place is this more explosive than when talking about Christianity and sexual ethics. When divorced people were anonymous and homosexuals had no names, it was a far easier conversation topic. But when my friends and family experience divorce and my close friends come out of the closet and share not only their sexual story but their faith story, it's a tougher discussion.
The question remains for believers, and especially for pastors; is this about faithful exegesis or compelling personal narrative?


At 7:59 PM , Blogger kent said...

So the question then becomes which is the most reliable as guide for decisions? Grace for family and friends or exegesis for the law?


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